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Cartoon Hair Texture Pack - Free - 50+ Textures-

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Lots of hair textures out there- thought I would add my new ones to the mix :)
All made by me in Procreate -
These were super fun to make so I hope you enjoy-
I am no hand drawn texture master, so sorry if its not perfect :;) I just do it for fun on the side <3
If you guys like it enough, I might make more types of textures in the future-
These textures are more meant for Hair Cards, it works on 3D hair, but can look chunky-
Theres examples of the textures on simple hair cards and 3D hair in the showcase-

Includes 53 hair textures, 3 emission masks, and 2 alpha masks! One for blunt cut hair, and one for split ends- (alpha maps may need to be edited due to UV mapping, could be too short/long etc.)

Also includes a normal map-

These textures work best for hair cards UV mapped to square textures-

These are all PNG and 2K

Hair in showcase (not included) >> Sivka
Head in showcase also not included, or available.
Just credit if used, and dont resell or anything, this texture is free dont scam people :)

Allowed on free, sold, and public avatars. Your allowed to use them or edit them however you want.


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Cartoon Hair Texture Pack - Free - 50+ Textures-

50 ratings
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