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Elio the Alien [PC & Quest][SFW]

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He comes in peace 🖖
Add a burst of color to your E-Boy phase with Elio here! He comes fully equipped with a colorful outfit, almost all scratch assets, moth themed alien antennae and ears, a working bubble gun, and much more!

This avatar works really well for raves/parties, but if you feel more chill he can also turn into a monotone chill human guy!
This avatar was not made for professional dancing

First 5 purchases get 25% off with code: ElioFive

Probably one of my biggest projects to date, a lot of time went into making this alien boy! He has 40+ toggles (not including GoGo), and lots of color/material customization.

Includes a Quest option that doubles as an optimized PC avatar! Requires knowledge of uploading avatars to Quest if you want to use it!

Make sure to select the correct package you want on the right! No refunds!
This avatar requires basic knowledge of Unity and uploading avatars to VRChat through Unity for either PC or Quest.


  • Dissolve Toggles for Hoodie, Shorts, Shoes, Alien Ears, Antennae, Jewelry, Foot Paws, Mesh Top, Face Accessories (Lollipop and Piercings), and Accessories (bandaids and Hair clips).
  • Toggles for Messy/Beanie Hair, Glasses, Backpack, Alien Piercings On/Off, Human Peircings On/Off, Alien/Human Skin, and Dynamic Interactions On/Off
  • Material Wheels for Hoodie, Shorts, Shoes, and Hair.
  • Hue Radial Wheel for Outfit, Alien Skin, Alien Ears/Antennae, Hair, and Backpack.
  • Saturation Radial Wheel for Alien Skin.
  • Material Swap Toggles for Jewelry, Accessories, Backpack, Beanie, and Glasses.
  • Hue and Brightness Wheel for Hair Emission.
  • 5 Facial Gestures, only set to the Right Hand. Anger (Finger Point), Silly (Fist), Sleep (Open Hand), Happy (Victory), and Sad (Rock).
  • Comes with the simple GoGo Loco set up so that half body and desktop can have FBT poses, etc. (Does not include scale, games, etc.)
  • Avatar uses all Physbones and all Physbones are grabbable and poseable (yes, even the ones on the little imposter).

Among Us Follower

Comes with Hue Shift, Audio Disable, Antennae Disable, and Disable Alltogether~

Bubble Gun

Toggleable, and Bubbles are activated with Finger Point on Left Hand!

Dynamic Interactions for Head Pat and Nose Boop

All are toggleable! Both Head Pat and Nose Boop are self interactable~

Audio Link!

Audio Link is toggleable!

Alien Throw Joint

Comes with particles on spawn, for both Right and Left Hands. Little Wii Mii themed alien inside :3 Toggleable.

💊Quest Features💊

Snail's Optimized Pen

Pen is toggleable!

  • Toggle between Alien and Human.
  • Gestures binded to Left Hand for Angry (Fist), Tired (Open), Silly (Point), Wink (Victory), and Sad (Gun).

Very Poor

Download Size - 69.62 MB
Polygons - 235,088
Skinned Meshes - 21
Basic Meshes - 4
Material Slots - 51
Physbone Components - 15
Physbone Transforms - 96
Particle Systems - 10
Max Particles - 3,131

Rating - Very Poor


Download Size - 6.10 MB
Polygons - 60,980
Skinned Meshes - 2
Material Slots - 8
Physbone Components - 3
Physbone Transforms - 53
Bones - 99

Quest Rating - Very Poor
PC Rating - Good

(For Quest, users will have to decide to show avatar or not, the avatar has been tested by different Quest users in different situations, and should not cause performance issues depiste very poor polygons and meshes <3)

►Import Directions (PC)◄

  • Create a brand new Unity Project.
  • Import latest VRC 3.0 SDK
  • Import Poiyomi Shader V. 8.1.161 (link in credits)
  • Import Mai Glass Shader V. 1.2 (link in credits)
  • Import Avatar Package
  • Upload and Enjoy!

►Import Directions (Quest)◄

  • Create a brand new Unity Project.
  • Add EasyQuestSwitch via. CC (if needed)
  • Import latest VRC 3.0 SDK
  • Import Avatar Package
  • Switch to Android Build in the upload menu, Upload, and Enjoy! (For Cross Platform, switch the build back and re-upload to PC)

For both Quest and PC the default Avatar height is 1.505 in the Avatar Descriptor.
Human Ears, Human Piercings, and Hair 2 are off by default for PC.
Shape Keys 'Fangs' and 'Ears Hide' are 100% by default for Quest.


Head - 23Mink/Sivka - Texture Edit by Me
Base - Pandaabear - Edited by Me
Extra MatCaps - Sivka
Extra Poses - Kisu

Everything Else - From scratch by Me!
The following will be up on my store soon:
Stitched Hoodie (Commercial License)
Beanie Hair (Free)

Snail's Marker - theepicsnail
Poiyomi Shaders - poiyomi
Glass Shader - Mai Lofi
Among Us Follower - hfcRed
Gogo Loco - franada


- You may not upload this avatar as public on VRChat!

- You are under no circumstances to share this avatar package with anyone for any reason.

- You may not take any of the assets off of this avatar and use it for either commercial/private use!

- Absolutely do not claim this avatar as yours/Upload it to an avatar world, even if edited!

- Do not upload this avatar package to sites where others may be able to download it!

- Do not claim you made this avatar/anything on it, in any way.

- Use this avatar responsibly, as you should with every avatar!

This avatar is only purchaseable from this store page. If you find any sources selling it, please report it to me!

Showcase Worlds:

The Afterdark Plaza by CoffeeBanditVRC - Gif/Showcase Photos/Audio Link Showcase
Vapor night pool room by Minuet_Doll - Showcase Video
NEON by AyahuyA- Quest Showcase

Special Thanks:

My good friends for helping me test the avatar, giving me support, and giving me ideas to help get him to the point he is now! <<33


This avatar has NOT been tested for 7 plus point tracking. If you have 7 or more tracking points and find issues with this avatar, I would love to hear the feedback so I can update the avatar to support all setups!

The avatar HAS been tested for 6 point FBT, and should work fine. Remember to adjust the viewpoint and your height to get the best experience with the avatar in FBT depending on your setup!


All of my avatar's always come with an optionable downloadable .txt file with a QNA to help with common problems you may run into on Unity.

If a problem you run into is not on that .txt file, and you cannot find a fix for it.
You can get help in my server here.

Replies may also be slow, I have been very busy lately but am still trying to make time!


If any future bugs/issues are found and I update to fix them, they will be listed here ^^

PLEASE let me know of any bugs/major clipping/package missing items, etc. I am in a time crunch and had to rush this a bit at the end, so it's likely I may have missed something! Don't be shy to let me know! I want this avatar to be the easiest upload experience and best avatar experience it can be, thank you <3

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No Refunds - Digital Content

Due to the fact this is a digital product, all sales are final once the purchase is made.
If you find any issues with the product and wan't to inform me of it, please contact me on discord: Oliver#8983

Last updated May 22, 2023

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Elio the Alien [PC & Quest][SFW]

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